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Pfizer Facebook page hacked?

I’m a bit surprised with this news actually. It’s a Facebook Page.

Check out Pfizer’s Facebook page here.


“As you might have noticed, our Page was compromised last night. We have been working with Facebook to understand what happened so we can guard against it in the future,”

Pfizer did not give additional details pertaining to the incident but computer security firm Sophos said that a group claiming to be the Script Kiddies “urged” that Pfizer should be stopped because “they’re corrupt and the damage they create is senseless”.
Paul Ducklin, Sophos Asia Pacific technology head said:

“did nothing more than guess the password of someone at Pfizer’s PR company who had access to the page.”

“(Environments) such as Twitter and Facebook actually need consistent and continuous tending. With just 140 characters in each Tweet, there isn’t much room for dialogue in the form of a traditional debate. Quantity and fast reaction times are much more useful characteristics in the world of social networking than quality and thoughtful consideration,” he noted.

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