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Carmageddon for iOS and Android coming soon this Summer

For fans of Carmageddon, and also fans of Grand Theft Auto, prepare your smartphones and tablets for the summer. Carmageddon, the precursor of famed, brutal car games is coming soon this summer for iOS and Android.

Stainless Games announced that it will be bringing the original version of Carmageddon to mobile devices this summer. The game will have some updates like touch control and a gesture system for repairing your vehicle. For owners of Apple devices, Carmageddon will be supported in Game Center.

Below is a preview of Carmageddon Mobile.

This will be a great opportunity for Stainless Games to bring back Carmageddon to the limelight. Originally released in 1997, the game gained notoriety for its brutality and needed to be edited or censored. It was totally banned in some countries.


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