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American Idol:Wendy Taylor, house almost burnt to ash

With American Idol Season 11 auditions going on, the reality show seems to tip-toed another real talent in the name of Wendy Taylor.

Interestingly, another touching story (which I supposed will not be part of the judging) about contestant’s life was shared during audition. Last week, everyone was touched with Chris Medina’s story about his brain damaged girlfriend.

According to TMZ’s post today, Wendy Taylor the American Idol contestant, their house partly burned Friday night. It was also said that it happened right after Wendy tucked her three boys into bed.

Wendy Taylor

American Idol Season 11 audition: Wendy Taylor, a single mom

TMZ was told that Wendy had stepped outside to make a phone call when she heard her dogs scratching at the door which make her discovered massive amounts of smoke billowing through her house and dialed 911.

Probable cause of the fire was an electrical malfunction, according to news.

Watch Wendy Taylor’s performance reported by Fox News.


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