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American Idol top 24 : Chris Medina didn’t make it

American Idol Season 10 started to get too much emotional.  I could agree with what J. Lo said to Chris Medina who unfortunately didn’t make it to American Idol top 24. The American Idol wasn’t really all about the contestant’s background or tragic story, at the end of the day, it’s all about singing and talent. So, to everyone who rooted or supported Chris Medina, I’m really sorry to you guys.

American Idol top 24

Chris Medina didn't make it

Everyone who have watched the Idol candidate Chris Medina on his first audition was touched with his tragic story. Medina was known as the Idol contestant with a brain damaged girlfriend. During the American Idol top 24 selection today, Jennifer Lopez was tasked to announced to Chris Medina that he didn’t make it to top 24. Jennifer Lopez said, ‘It was honestly a pleasure to meet you, someone like you, that was a blessing for me.’

Medina was one of Lopez’s favorite among the American Idol’s candidate. After Medina left the chamber, the Latina star said ‘I can’t do this anymore!

Jennifer Lopez loses control as she is forced to send home tragic contestant Chris Medina on American Idol tonight.

The American Idol top 24 will posted later.

Here’s first batch

Naima Adedapo
Clint Jun Gamboa is through.
Haley Reinhart is in.
Deandre Brackensick is out.
Paul McDonald is in the top 24.
Ashthon Jones makes top 24.

To complete American Idol top 24 finalist, here’s the list

Julie Zorilla
Lauren Alaina
Jordan Dorsey
Pia Toscano
Jacob Lusk
Karen Rodriguez
Robbie Rosen
Scotty McCreery
Casey Abrams
Kendra Chantell
Lauren Turner
Tatynisa Wilson
Jovany Barreto
Tim Halperin
Stefano Langone
Rachel Zevita
James Durbin
Thia Megia
Brett Loewenstern


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