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Whoa-oo-oh in hit songs, really overused?

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Youtube user Cutting Room spent time compiling popular songs that uses a lot of Whoa-oo-oh in their songs. From rock bands to pop and other genre, they enjoyed using…

Thinking Out Loud covered by “Ed Sheerchin”, the chin puppet

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This is one of the funniest cover of Thinking Out Loud. The cover video was made by, YouTube user Shaun Solomon (a.k.a. Devil Devine) using a chin puppet….

Facebook already exists in 90’s? Watch this 1995 commercial of The Facebook

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Very hilarious fake commercial of strong>The Facebook if existed in 1995. The video was made by Comedian Brent Weinbach.

Hacking password : Jimmy Kimmel way

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In an interview made by Jimmy Kimmel’s crew, it seems like many people are willing to give away their password in front of the camera. How strong is…

Let It Go parody for Kobe Bryant’s cold season

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Kobe Bryant’s 2014-2015 season might be one of the coldest ever. Bleacher Report decided to create a parody titled “Let It Tank,” which mocks the player’s slow descent…

Quite Feeling old with this Remember 1998

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Time flies so fast. From songs, movies, events, games and other stuff truly reminds me of 1998. If today’s generation of non-pop music lovers bashes Justin Bieber and…