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Lil Wayne unleashes 'Free Weezy Album' for Fourth of July weekend

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Lil Wayne just dropped FWA (Free Weezy Album), the project he’s been teasing since February, on Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal. Listen to it here. The 32-year-old rapper,…

How the world celebrated Social Media Day

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For the sixth annual time, Social Media Day was celebrated by thousands of people around the world on June 30. Mashable started Social Media Day in 2010 as…

Watch the Summerfest music festival live stream: You can pick from 4 stages

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Summerfest, touted as ” the world’s largest music festival,” continues Friday, and you don’t need to be in Milwaukee to watch the barrage of bands and solo artists…

Hawaii just effectively became the first state to ban plastic bags

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Oahu has just joined the rest of the Hawaiian islands in enforcing a ban on plastic bags, making Hawaii the first state in the union to fully prohibit them….

How to make a watermelon margarita

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Sure, you can have another boring beer, or red-and-blue Jello shot, to celebrate Independence Day Or you can try something a little different this year. Just in time…

Report: F-35 can't dogfight. Lockheed Martin: Not so fast.

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You may have seen a highly critical report insinuating that the F-35 fighter jet can be outmaneuvered by its predecessor, the F-16. The Military said the report is…