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Vivienne Westwood's latest collection is an ode to a sinking Venice

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Designer Vivienne Westwood, 74, is known for using fashion to actively speak about climate change Her spring 2016 collection, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 3,…

The new Roku 4 will help you find 4K content to watch on your 4K TV

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Picking a set-top box just became a little tougher. There’s the new Apple TV coming out this month, Amazon’s updated Fire TV with 4K video support, and now…

Bindi Irwin's emotional routine on 'Dancing with the Stars' made basically everyone cry

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Welcome to Dancing with the Crying Stars Or, as Dancing fans know it: “Most memorable year” night — when the celebs perform to a song that represents, in…

Hillary Clinton ad calls House Benghazi inquiry a political ploy

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going on air with a television spot Tuesday highlighting comments made by a top GOP lawmaker suggesting that the work of a Republican-created House…

Man drives car into ocean to evade police, because it's Australia mate

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Australia has around 34,218 kilometres (21,262.08 miles) of coastline, so it was only a matter of time until someone took their police chase to the beach. One Australian…

'The Walking Dead' web series 'Flight 462' is the zombie outbreak as seen from the skies

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At just under 90 seconds long, the first episode of AMC’s new Walking Dead web series doesn’t have much zombie action, but the air of fear is still…